Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Fast and the Furious

Every so often we like to catch up with a movie that we missed when it first came out, so tonight we watched the DVD of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.

When I was growing up I never cared much about hot rods or car racing or anything like that, although I read quite a few novels about those subjects by authors like William Campbell Gault and Henry Gregor Felsen. I found THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS to be very entertaining, though. Not much plot, but plenty of car chases, car stunts, fistfights, shootouts, and beautiful women. What's not to like? As my younger daughter pointed out to me, "If it had just had a sword fight in it, it would have been your perfect movie."

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I've been spending my writing time working on a bunch of different things -- short stories, outlines, proposals -- writing new stuff, rewriting old stuff, and generally having a pretty good time with it. It's been a nice break from sprinting through one novel after another, and I plan to keep it up for another day or two. I'm toying with the idea of trying to write at least one short story every time I finish a novel, but I don't know if I'll be able to do that or not.

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Carl V. said...

I enjoyed this one. Like Into the Blue it is actually a well done movie for this genre of film. It is fun and interesting and has a good cast.